Milling fees (See detailed description of each service below)

  1. Setup/Log Prep Fee - $50.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum)

  2. Hourly Milling Fee - $75.00 per hour ($75.00 minimum)

  3. Minimum Milling Fee - $100.00 (Combined Hourly and Setup fees.)

  4. Striking an Object in the Log - $1.50 per tip

We will cut your logs to lumber (within reason).  Typically, you are

responsible for transporting the logs to the mill (see below). 

Once onsite, we’ll take it from there.  You are more than welcome

to watch as we mill your logs.  If we can’t mill them when they’re

dropped off we’ll try to arrange a time with you to come and watch.

Milling is not an exact science.  We will do our best to cut your logs into lumber of your specifications.  Please be prepared with a “wish-list” of the size lumber you would like.  Finished lumber will be measured and billed at the closest ¼” thickness and will typically be slightly longer than requested. Historically, sawmills referred to thicknesses in quarters of an inch (4/4, 5/4, 8/4 etc.).  You can specify the thickness at which your lumber is milled in increments of ¼”.  

We do not barter, mill on shares or bid services.  We accept cash only, payable prior to pick-up of finished lumber.  No deposit is required but payment is expected when services are rendered.  If you require invoicing, or have any questions, please let us know. 

Setup/Log Prep Fee - $50.00 per hour ($25.00 minimum)
An hourly Setup fee is charged for moving logs to the loading area, chainsaw trimming of limbs, bucking logs to length, trimming oversized or odd shaped logs to fit on the mill, removing excessive dirt or debris from bark and/or digging out metal from the log.

Hourly Milling Fee - $75.00 per hour ($75.00 minimum)  
While the engine is running is when the mill is most subject to the wear and tear of ripping through your logs.  Gas is also being used.  Running a mill is hard work and incurs costs that must be recouped.  

Minimum Milling Fee - $100.00

This is the combination of the Hourly and Setup fees.  As you can see from the minimum fees listed above, we will charge a minimum of $100.00 to cut your logs into lumber.

Striking an Object in the Log - $1.50 per tip
The saw blade is designed for cutting wood only.  Cutting into hard objects such as metal (nails, fencing, etc.), rocks or other objects will damage the blade.   It is not unusual for lower logs from trees around residences or fences to contain metal.  If you suspect metal in a log, please let us know.  We may decline to cut logs that may possess foreign objects.

Additional Services

We can furnish stickers for clients who need them for stacking the wood to dry.  Sold in bundles of 20, 4' stickers are $15 per bundle.  One week advance notice please. 

Although we do not perform tree services, we may be willing to transport smaller logs to the mill.  This is a costly venture dependent on size of log and distance travelled.  We cannot transport logs over long distances.  We may also be able to help you hire out a log truck service.  Please call if you have logs to salvage.  If you have a special project in mind but don't have a log to saw, let me know.  We do have a few sources for logs and might be able to find what you need.

Kiln drying and planing services may be available in late 2018.